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Use any old Headset to Trade up into a Brand New Smith Corona Headset

Posted by HW USA Staff on

You can use your old equipment to trade into a Brand New Smith Corona Headset. For each old headset you send in, you will receive $10.00 right off the top on the purchase of a brand New Smith Corona Headset.  No rebates to wait for, instant credit at time of purchase.

CONTACT HEADSET WORLD USA and we can assist you with the simple process.  All their equipment is fully compatible with the other major manfactures brands like Plantronics aka Poly, or Jabra and VXI G and P series Headsets.  

Want to take advantage of the trade-up program, contact us at, or call 888-888-9031 and we will be happy to assist you with that.  

Might as well get something out of your old equipment, why not use it for $10.00 off a New Smith Corona Headset.  Great deal, can't go wrong with that!


Contact Linda at 888-888-9031 X808

Headset World USA



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