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How to Set Up Yealink WF50 WiFi USB Dongle

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Yealink WF50 WiFi USB Dongle

The Yealink WF50 is a USB-compatible wireless adapter which can be used to connect your IP phone over your office's WiFi network. The WF50 is compatible with the Yealink T2 Series, Yealink T4 Series, and Yealink CP90.

In this article you’ll learn how to configure the WF50 wireless adapter.

How to Set Up Yealink WF50 WiFi USB Dongle

Follow these steps to set up your Yealink WF50 WiFi dongle. 

Connect the WF50 Adapter

  1. Insert the WiFi USB Dongle into the USB port on the IP phone.

Connecting to the WiFi on IP Phones

  1. Connect the Dongle.

    The phone's LCD screen prompts "Wi-Fi adapter has been added, scanning the available wireless network right now?"
  2. Press the OK soft key
  3. Select X available networks
  4. Select the desired wireless network and press the Connect soft key
  5. Enter the network's password in the Password field
  6. Press the OK soft key

Once the connection completes successfully, the checkmark icon will appear after the network name


Why can't the Wi-Fi feature be enabled?

  1. Ensure the Wi-Fi USB Dongle is not broken
  2. Ensure the Wi-Fi USB Dongle is assembled and detected by the phone successfully

Why can't the phone system connect to the wireless network?

  1. If the network is secure, ensure you're entering the correct password
  2. Ensure the wireless router is broadcasting
  3. Disconnect and reconnect the USB WiFi Dongle

Why is the wireless signal low?

  1. Ensure that the phone and your gateway/router are within the working range and that there is no obvious interference between them.



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