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Connecting a wireless Headset to your Polycom IP Phone

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How to Connect a Wired Headset

A wired headset plugs directly into a desk phone using a headset jack located on the back of the phone. The headset jack is identified by a small label and is separate from the handset jack.  The cables should plug in directly to their respective jacks.

Click-to-dial is a feature that allows you to dial from your computer browser.  If you plan to use a click-to-dial client and to use your headset to for all calls, enable the “headset memory” feature.

Headset Memory

To enable Headset Memory on the Polycom phone:

  • Press the “Home” button.
  • Select Settings
  • Select Basic
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Headset
  • Select Headset Memory
  • Select Enabled
  • Press the “Headset” button twice to enable.

After pressing the home button twice, the Headset button should blink slowly.  Calls answered  will go directly to the headset.  Using the handset or speakerphone will disengage headset memory mode.  Press the headset button twice to reengage headset memory mode.



All Polycom desk phones that support EHS functionality using the Jabra Link 14201-17 require a change in the setup of the phone. Ensure you make the change when the phone is not being used for an active call. Use the following steps:

  1. In the setup menu, navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Analog Headset (or Hook switch Mode).
  2. Change the default setting Regular Mode to the correct Jabra mode by selecting Jabra DHSG or Jabra EHS, depending on the firmware version of the desk phone.
  3. Press the Select soft key.

After this change, the setup for Polycom SoundPoint desk phones is complete and ready for use. However, the Polycom VVX series desk phones will restart, which takes approximately 2 minutes.

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