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Training with USB VOIP Corded Headsets?

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You have many options to choose from with USB VOIP Headsets.  Straight corded USB Headsets may be the most affordable way to go, it is not always the best option.  If you are the only one using the USB headset, straight corded USB headset may be the way to go, but if you are an office or call center who trains reps on VOIP, would not recommend a straight corded option.

If you have employees who train others using USB headsets, or Manager who may have to listen in on calls, you need a USB Headset with a quick disconnect (QD) on the cord.  This will allow you to add a Y-Cord to the headsets and connect two headsets to one USB port.  Save yourself some time, and do not waste time looking for a USB port splitter for headsets, there is no such thing available.

Headsets that have a detachable USB bottom cord can easily have a y-cord training adapter connected at the quick disconnect to allow you to train other reps.

USB Training Bundles  

Headset Training Bundles 

You have options when it comes to training with USB Headsets, we listed a couple of them for you, but you may be able to just add a USB Y-Cord to your existing corded QD Headsets, please contact Headset World USA with any assistance you may need in finding the correct solution for your set-up.

USB Y-Cord Training Adapter - Plantronics QD Compatible - options are available for other manufactures brands.

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