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Starkey S700-PL Headset with Passive Noise Canceling Mic


  • $ 14700

The Starkey S700-PL binaural headset is uniquely stylish, delivers the industry’s best possible sound quality, and provides all day comfort.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight to reduce ear fatigue. 
  • Connects to all major desk phones with compatible cables (additional cord required).
  • Connects to all major soft phones with available USB connecting cables (additional cord required). 
  • Passive noise canceling microphone. 
  • Equipped with a PL compatible QD (Quick Disconnect) connectivity
  • Reliability rate over 99.96%. 
  • Monaural (single ear) wearing style. 
  • Large plush leatherette cushion type. 
  • Superb sound quality receiver and microphone.
  • All Starkey-PL tops are compatible with SHS 1890-15, CA12 CD-S, and CA 22 CD SC
  • Compatible with 4 and 6 wire bases. 
  • Includes the following accessories:  clothing clip, wall mount, and nylon carrying case. 
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE A BOTTOM CORD, purchase cord separately
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty.

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