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Starkey S135 USB=2 Cable Cord to Flat QD - Starkey QD

Starkey S135 USB Cable Cord to Flat QD


  • $ 7598

S135=USB-2 Cable - USB cord to flat quick disconnect, works with any Starkey QD Headset. Have to be using a Starkey QD Headset to use the USB cord.  Will NOT work with Plantronics or Jabra QD Headsets, need different USB cord, see part numbers below.

  • Mute Button
  • Volume Control
  • ON/Off button


Other Part Numbers available:
  • S135=USB 2 for Microsoft Lync (Windows 7 compatible) for Starkey QD – also supports Vista and XP
  • S135=USB 2 for Starkey QD Headsets
  • S135=USB 2 PL for Plantronics QD Headsets
  • S135=USB 2 GN for GN/Jabra QD Headsets

Item #: S135=USB2
Manufacturer: Starkey

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