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Plantronics USB Deluxe Charging Kit 84603-01

Plantronics USB Deluxe Charging Kit 84603-01 - DISCONTINUED


  • $ 3898

Deluxe Travel USB Charging Kit for Savi W440, Savi W440-M, Savi W740, Savi W740-M USB Battery Charging Kit (kit includes USB charger and extra battery)

Key Features:
  • Slide the headset into the charging cradle and charge it in the USB port of your PC
  • May also charge the battery alone without it attached to the headset
  • Charger has magnetic contacts, so battery stays in charger securely while charging (can even be upside down!)
  • Charging cradle measures approximately 1 1/4" X 1" X 3/4" tall
  • This kit is included in the box with W440 & W440-M USB wireless headsets
note: you can replace the battery mid-call, without losing the call, as long as a charged battery is reattached within 5 minutes. This allows for unlimited talk time.

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