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Jumper - Plantronics Quick Disconnect to Jabra Quick Disconnect - Adapter to convert QD's

Headset World USA

  • $ 1298

  • Plantronics to SC Classic or GN Netcom/Jabra Headsets 
  • Plantronics quick release on one end and the GN QD on the other end.
  • Jabra, VXI G Series compatible, any GN QD compatible headset
  • This jumper is the single solution to connecting your GN Netcom/Jabra Headsets to a Plantronics bottom cord or a Plantronics headset to SC Classic OR GN Netcom/Jabra products.
  • Plantronics QD on one end, Jabra QD on the other - JUMPER
  • Convert your Call Center mixed QD's to one same solution, so all are the same
  • 5"

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