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JPL Connect 2 Binaural Headset With Noise Cancelling Mic, Tough Case, 70mm Ear Cushions And PLT Compatible QD


  • $ 7998

Strong, robust construction

At just 102 grams, it’s a headset that doesn’t compromise on quality while the low weight provides comfort for the user during extended periods of use.

The JPL-Connect-2 also features a headset microphone on a ratchet to prevent constant adjustment from being needed during use while the Surround Shield™ noise cancellation keeps calls clear by filtering out any background noise.

Discover the JPL-Connect-2, a powerful call centre headset that goes beyond exceptional audio quality. With the inclusion of the JPL Tough Case, this headset is not only designed to deliver top-notch performance but also to provide the ultimate protection for your investment. The rugged and durable Tough Case ensures that your JPL-Connect-1 remains safeguarded against the rigours of daily use, keeping it in pristine condition for longer. In addition, the included 3-year warranty offers complete peace of mind, guaranteeing reliable support and assistance whenever you need it.



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