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Jabra 8800-01 Upgrade cord Jabra QD 1003945

Jabra Modular to QD Coil Cord 8800-01, 1003945

GN Netcom/Jabra

  • $ 2698

Key Features:

  • Mnfr. Part #: 1003945
  • 2 meters cable length
  • Modular to Quick Disconnect
  • Coiled Cord
  • Direct Connect Cord (quick disconnect cord)
  • 8800-01 Connects GN and Jabra headsets such as BIZ1900, BIZ2400, BIZ2410, BIZ2415,  BIZ2420, BIZ2425, BIZ2470, BIZ2475, BIZ620, GN1900, GN2000, GN2010, GN2015,GN2020, GN2025, GN2110, GN2115, GN2117, GN2119, GN2120, GN2124, GN2125, GN2325 to certain phones such as Cisco IP, Callmaster 5, and Callmaster 6.
  • QD GnNetcom Jabra Headset Quick Disconnect to RJ-9
  • Confirm compatibility, or ask for our expert headset assistance! Modular rj-9 connector on opposite end.  GN 

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