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Jabra Link 230 USB Headset Adapter - 230-09

GN Netcom/Jabra

  • $ 5398

With the plug-and-play USB adapter, you can use your Jabra desk phone headset together with your softphone.

Jabra Link 230 is compatible with any corded Jabra QD headset and all leading brands of softphones. As a result, users can continue to leverage the benefits of a professional Jabra headset, including superior sound, noise canceling and all-day wearing comfort. This makes it the ideal solution for contact centers that want a smooth and cost-effective transition to a Unified Communications solution.
  • Will work with any GN QD Compatible headset
  • No controls on cord
  • Can also use with Smith Corona Classic Series GN QD Headsets
  • Can use with Starkey GN QD and VXi G Series Headsets too

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