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Classic 2002 Chameleon Binaural Telephone Headset with Free Compatibility Cord

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  • $ 6198

The 2002 binaural telephone headset is a commercial grade telephone headset that is built to last. The number one selling call center headset over the past 23 years based on high performance, reliability, and extreme durability.

Key Features

Built around a polycarbonate shell which is as close to unbreakable as a headset can get featuring a MetalFlex™ bendable mic boom with VoiceTrap™ noise canceling microphone.

This telephone headset is simply a work horse telephone headset built to withstand the rigors of the most abusive 24/7 call center.

A commercial grade two ear call center headset that will give you years of hassle-free use.

All Chameleon Headsets® are available with Plantronics, Jabra, Smith Corona, Comfortel or Chameleon quick disconnects.

Chameleon Headsets® will blend into any pre-established call center environment without discarding any older equipment.

Chameleon also offers an array of different Rapid Release™ / Quick Disconnect compatibility cords to adapt to virtually any brand communication device on the market. THIS HEADSET HAS THE JABRA/GN QUICK DISCONNECT ON THE HEADSET.

Universal compatibility on any phone, app, or computer.

  • Includes 1 free analog direct connect cord
  • Universal compatibility on any telephone or telephone system with a dedicated headset jack on the telephone via the proper Direct Connect cord.
  • Over-sized 36mm digital speakers with neodymium magnet.
  • Exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) with Acoustic Shock Protection for optimum safety, premium sound performance and all-day wearing comfort.
  • Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone and housing that traps only the human voice rejecting all other noise rendering a full spectrum “Live” voice delivery for the user.
  • Available with industry’s best and most reliable patent pending Rapid Release™ Connector. Tested and guaranteed to withstand over 200,000 plug/unplug cycles.
  • A 280° rotating MetalFlex™ microphone boom with the industry’s highest rated ratchet to insure consistent placement of the microphone for the entire life of the headset.
  • Nearly unbreakable Polycarbonate shell for increased strength and reliability for the life of the headset.

***This headset is very similar to the Smith Corona Classic Binaural Headset, same GN QD too.

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