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Plantronics H261H Binaural HAC Telecoil Headset  87129-01 - DISCONTINUED

Plantronics H261H Binaural HAC Telecoil Headset 87129-01 - DISCONTINUED


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The Plantronics H261H is a special binaural voice tube headset with HAC speakers (Hearing Aid Compatible). 






These H261H HAC compatible headsets have a high levels of magnetic energy for telecoil hearing aids. The H261H are compatible with BTE and ITE hearing aids, assuming they have telecoils (T-coils) of course.





The headset works with Telecoil (T-coil) hearing aids as it sends magnetic signals that the telecoil hearing aid can accept.

Plantronics H261H binaural SupraPlus headset helps overcome the challenges posed by traditional technology, delivering heightened speech clarity and life-like fidelity, when used in a wideband enabled network. Users will experience greater satisfaction through enhanced intelligibility and reduced miscommunication. Designed for over-the-head comfort.


Key Features

  • Telecoil Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)
  • Binaural design (covering two ears)
  • Wideband audio improves customer satisfaction through better enhanced quality communications
  • Excellent receive-side audio quality improves listening intelligibility
  • Stylish, lightweight design enhances user experience
  • Bendable, click-stop boom stays in position for clearer voice transmission
  • 64-bit digital encryption provides call privacy.
  • Quick Disconnect feature Supports all Plantronics amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters - separate purchase
  • Quick call feature – headband twists out of the way for convenient quick call pick up

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