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Jabra Pro 9460 with Handset lifter included

Jabra PRO 9460 Mono Flex Boom Wireless Headset with GN1000 Remote Handset Lifter for Deskphone, Softphone & Mobile Phone

GN Netcom/Jabra

  • $ 26900

  • Dual microphone Noise Blackout system with advanced Digital Signal Processing practically eliminates all background noise, so the voice can always be heard clearly.
  • Touch screen and touch sensors allows to adjust volume, mute or hold calls and even merge calls from different phones. No matter which device the callers try to reach you on, you can always answer just by tapping the headset button.
  • 150m Wireless Freedom - It consistently delivers high quality sound up to 150m from your desk. So one can move freely between office and meeting rooms, using just one headset for all the calls.
  • Connects to up to 3 phones - Manage all the calls from one wireless headset. Works with desk phone, softphone, smartphone or tablet.
  • Secure DECT certified to protect against eavesdropping, it is the most secure DECT wireless headset. The Jabra patented headset-to-base pairing process avoids risky pairing over the air to protect your conversations.

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