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Smith Corona Ultra Pro Monaural Headset w/detachable USB bottom cord - Plantronics QD Compatible

Smith Corona

  • $ 8098

USB Headset Bundle includes:  1 SC Ultra Pro Monaural Headset with a detachable USB bottom cord for use on your computer.

  • Hearing on one side with cord off one side to stay out of the way
  • Wideband technology for crystal clear transmit and receive
  • Noise canceling microphone phone is flexible and adjusts both in length and direction
  • Has a quick disconnect on the cord, so you are able to add a Y-cord training adapter should you need to train with them. Purchase Y-cord separately.
  • Has same QD as the Plantronics H Series Headsets, can use Plantronics cords with these headsets
  • Includes headset storage bag and one extra ear pad
  • New and improved 21M USB Bottom cord is included
  • Includes manufactures 1 year repair warranty
  • Old part#P14895 - New Part# P15583

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